> PRODUCT > Laser Welding
Air Cooled
Compact, Portable, Single Unit
High Speed
Up to 4X Faster than traditional methods - increased productivity for lower costs-per-part
High Quality
Consistent welding of thick, thin and reflective metals without distortion, undercut orburn-through-minimal heat affected
Easy to Learn & use
Unbox and assemble in minutes / High-quality welds in just a few hours for pros
   and novices
Enhanced Material Capability
Metals with dissimilar thicknesses, ultra-thin parts, copper welding, materials with
   low and high electrical conductivity
Wobble Welding
Up to 5 mm of additional weld width - increases capability and creates highly
   aesthetic seam
Operator Safety
Multi-level sensors and interlock safety features
Easy high quality welding
Anyone can make high quality welding of various materials and thicknesses.
Welding with minimal heat effects,
It is possible to reduce deformation of material and weld without post process according to application method
Low operating costs
Approximately 15% power consumption compared to lamp pumping laser
No consumable parts for laser
Long laser life time, Low maintenance frequency
 Dimension  316(W) x 641 (L) x 534(H) mm

 53 kg

 Shielding Gas

 Ar or N₂(User choice)

 Welding head

 “L” Type Torch head / Wobble Head


 Wire Feeder / Welding cart / Safety welding Table

 Fiber length



 (4 Type) Welding Nozzle Tips

 Operation mode

 Spot welding / Seam welding/ Wire feeder welding


 CW Fiber Laser (IPG Photonics)

 Laser wavelength



 150 ~ 1500W

 Peak Power

 2500W (Peak Power)

 Wobble Freq.

 0 ~ 300 Hz

 Wobble Length

 0 ~ 5mm

 Spot Size


 mode stores

 74 modes (20 Customer Modes, 54 IPG Pre-Set Modes)


 LAN / IO(Wire Feeder)

 Guide Beam

 Red LD Pointer

 Wire Feeder

 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6 Wire(Option)


 Welding cart for LightWeld(Option)


 220VAC / 50~60Hz

 Power consumption

 5.3KW, 24A

 Gas pressure

 1 ~ 2kgf/cm²

 Gas consumption

 20-30 l/min


 Ambient temperature 10~35℃ / Humidity 10~70%