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Equipped with an external air shield and air conditioning for internal cooling of the equipment, the surrounding installation environment is not critical.
(No restrictions on installation in relation to ambient environment and temperature)
User-Friendly new concept welding head
Easy and safe laser welding with special welding head at 45 ° & 60 ° angle
Application of Wobble welding heads to support weaving welding
Automatic supply of air and gas to prevent pollution and oxidation
Welding head metal detection for safety
Nozzle tip must be in contact on metal surface for laser emission
Easy wire feeder welding
Remote control box and wire feeder with automatic welding sequence (optional)
Welding tools for interactive linear, precision welding
Vertical / Horizontal straight guide line (optional)
Automatic switching of seam welding after spot welding
Provide operator convenience and improve work efficiency
10.5 "LCD touch screen panel and dedicated MMI program to monitor and control weld parameters and controls
It is high output, but it is easy to install and move with single phase power supply and small size and light weight
Booth type welding worktable with laser shielding window(optional)
High peak power enables high-quality welding on metals of various materials and thicknesses
Welding with minimal heat effects, It is possible to reduce deformation of material and weld without post process according to application method
Low operating costs
Approximately 15% power consumption compared to lamp pumping laser
High peak laser output, but no cooler required (Air-cooled)
No consumable parts for laser, Long laser life time, Low maintenance frequency
 Dimension  630 (W) x 1110 (L) x 1113 (H) mm

 ≒ 205Kg

 Shielding Gas

 Ar, N2 (Selectable)

 Welding head

 45° & 60° "L" Type Torch head / Wobble Head


 Wire feeder unit / CCD Camera / Guide bar / Safety welding booth

 Fiber length

 5m / 10m


 Inner 3/5mmΦ, Outer7mmΦ (Various types of carbon tips)

 Operation mode

 Spot, seam welding / automatic spot + seam / Wire feeder welding


 QCW Fiber Laser (IPG Photonics)

 Laser wavelength


 Average output

 150W / 300W / 450W (CW)

 Max peak output

 1500W / 3000W / 4500W (Peak Power)

 Pulse width

 0.05 ~ 50ms

 Pulse energy

 15J / 30J / 45J

 Pulse frequency

 1 ~ 10KHz

 Pulse Shaper

 Program the required pulse shape by program(Include program)


 LAN / RS485 / RS232 / IO

 Guide Beam

 LD Pointer(Red 0.1~1mW)

 Wire Feeder

 Step Motor/DC Motor/Servo Motor Type(Option)

 Working Table

 Protection window(1070nm) & Welding Table(Option)


 220VAC / 50~60Hz

 Power consumption

 2.6KW, 12A / 3KW, 14A / 3.7KW, 17A


 3 Kg/cm (Removal of Oil & Water)


 Industrial PC & 10.5 Touch Monitor etc.,


 Ambient temperature 10~35℃ / Humidity 10~90%


 Force Air (Internal air conditioner)