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Auto Operating & Managing
Easy to operating control panel with touch-screen
Job parameter files of different materials can be saved separately and open it later
Auto Operating & real-time monitoring by MMI program
High-Quality Cutting Capabilities
Cutting with CCD will protect secondary loss from some error that might be occurred by preprocessing
Enable to process cutting continuously with the unloading conveyer
non-contacting laser cutting will protect damage on material
Auto-correct the cutting position by Two CCD camera
Hi-Precision feeding device with backlashless Geared motor & Servo motor
CCD with UV light system able to detect visible and invisible pattern (transparent electrode pattern) for precision cutting
Non-contacting laser cutting will be reduced a fraction defective
Various Application
Enable to cut the invisible transparent electrode film with CCD using UV light
Enable to collect protection tape from roll film
Varied operation mode make it possible to cut various type of materials
 Product(model)  Roll to Sheet Laser Cutting Machine
 Cutting method  RF CO2 laser
 Max cutting width  ~ 600mm
 Diameter of film
 Φ75, Φ150
 Feeding Speed  ~ 200mm/sec (Changeable)
 Cutting Speed  1000mm/sec
 Accuracy  ±0.10mm
 CCD vision  F.O.V = 8 x 6mm / (Blue-light)
 Motion system  Two Axis : Servo motor / Three Axis : Geared Motor
 Operating mode  Continuous & Manual
 Suction unit  Clamping film & keeping film as flatness
 Operating program  MMI Program for only LPT-RSLC
 Options  Two CCD vision system for Auto-position correcting function
 Control method  PC controller & 23˝ Touch screen control panel
 Dimension  2532 (L) x 1340(W) x 1498(H)mm (without signal tower lamp)
 2532 (L) x 1340(W) x 1960(H)mm (with signal tower lamp)
 Weight  1,300Kg
 Exhaust ports  Φ100 (6.3㎥/min)
 Air Comp  5~6kgf/㎠ , 78 ~ 840 Nℓ/m(with vacuum pump run)
 Power  220VAC, 20A, Single phase