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CLM-S Character
Special design can be fast & effective setup
Red beam pointer shows a real marking position
Ease to change Focal length with a height control handler
Fast marking speed with a high speed scan head (350 cart/s)
Sealed CO2 laser tube with Air cooling
Precision Marking
Stable & solid design gives high-repetition & excellent marking quality
Fast & effective marking speed
User friendly
Window-based software interface
The program (FLM) supports various language
User friendly operation & easy editing functions
Auto-Date & Auto-Counter
Auto- Serial No. & Barcode (2D, QR etc,.)
External Axis (Rotary)
Interface I/O
Ideal Materials
Plastic / Acrylic / Rubber
Wood / Ceramic / Textile
Glass / Nonmetals
 Laser Source  RF CO2 Laser (made in U.S.A)
 Laser Output  12W / 30W
 Wavelength  10.57 ~ 10.63μm (Avg.= 10.6μm)
 Cooling type  Air Cooling
 Marking mode  Vector/Engraving
 Marking type  fixed
 Min Character  0.5mm
 Marking area  50x50mm / 100x100mm
 F-theta lens  100mm / 160mm
 Max Scanning
 < 7000mm/sec
 Repeat Precision  ± 5μm
 Laser Marking
 Scan Head / Laser Unit / height control handler
 Rotary unit (option)
 Control Units  Industrial PC (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse) /
 LMP (Laser mark program) software /
 Red Beam pointer / EMG button /
 Interface I/O signal
 Software  Various Font (True Type / JSF / Dot metric / Barcode / SHX)
 Barcode (2D / QR CODE / MicroQRCODE / DataMetrix)
 Auto counting (Date/ numbering)
 Various Figures / Text /Bitmap / Image / Vector file and so on
 Rotary Marking / Split Marking / Rotated Text Marking and so on
 Power Source  AC 220V / 50~60Hz / 700, 1200VA
 Interface  USB cable / D-sub connector
 Dimension  270(W) x 840(L) x 380(H) mm - Laser Marking Units
 10.63(W) x 33.07(L) x 14.96(H) inch
 435(L) x 530(D) x 180(H) mm - Control Unit
 17.13 (W) x 20.87(L) x 7.1(H) inch
 Weight  Laser Marking units= 38Kg / Control Unit = 14Kg