> PRODUCT > Laser Cutting & Engraving
Multi-tasking & User-friendly
Ease to work as a laser printer
Ease cutting & fast engraving
Perfect compatibility with Window-based software
Simple control & operating
A panel screen, easy-to-use and efficiency
With top, bottom and side exhaust functions
High exhausting performance to avoid pollution
Inside illuminating for efficient observing while performing
High-Quality Cutting Capabilities
Max cutting speed is 1524mm/sec
Special program designs to improve cutting quality and effectiveness.
Ensures cutting precision to increase yield rate significantly
Efficient & fluid design
크Unique mechanical designs; open front/rear doors, can be load exceed material
Easy to adopt peripheral devices such as Rotary unit
Engineered for Quality
Sealed Type RF CO2 laser > Made in U.S.A
Certificated by CDRH Class I / CE
 Dimension  900 ( L ) x 865 ( W ) x 990 ( H ) mm
 35.43(L) x 34.05(D) x 38.97(H) inch
 Work area  660(L) x 495(W)mm / 25.98″(L) x 19.48″(W)
 Max loading size  640(L) x unlimited(W) x 170(H) mm (Front Door Open)
 25.19″(L) x unlimited(W) x 6.69″(H)
 660(L) x 495(W) x 210(H)mm (Front Door Close)
 25.98″(L) x 19.48″(W) x 8.26″(H)
 Z Axis moving  210 mm (8.26″)
 Laser Spec.  RF CO2 Laser 30W / 60W /100W / Air Cooling
 Wavelength  10.6μm
 Max Cutting Speed  1524 mm/sec (60″/sec)
 Weight  160kg / 180kg
 Interface  USB / Parallel port
 Resolutions (DPI)  1000, 600, 333, 250, 200, 166
 Auto Focusing  standard
 Ethernet  standard
 Beam pointer  LD Pointer (Red Beam)
 Operating Mode  Raster engraving, vector cutting and spor drilling
 Display Panel  LCD panel
 Memory Bufter  64MB Standard / can save 1~99 job files
 Certification  CDRH Class I, CE CERTIFICATE
 Dust Collector  (option) > 1HP / 3.0m³
 Air  (option) 2kg/㎠
 Rotary Table  (option)
 Work table  (option) enable to exhaust or unable to exhaust
 Power  AC110~220V / 50~60Hz / 10~20Amp
 Exhaust Piping
 Environment Temp.
 Φ4″ x 2 port (rear side)
 5℃ ~ 35℃, 58℉ ~ 85℉