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Precise CCD Positioning
Searches the alignment mark automatically via precise CCD positioning
Improves reliability by computerized uploading positioning controls
Saves significant cost by reducing working time
High Performance Mechanical Design
Unique mechanical designs to achieve high speed, stability, and repeatability.
Ensures cutting precision to increase yield rate significantly
High-Quality Cutting Capabilities
Special program designs to improve cutting quality and effectiveness.
Stable power, solid and consistency with high-quality edge cutting effect
Human-Factor Controls
A touch-panel screen, easy-to-use and efficiency
Human-factor control programs enable arc cutting capabilities and reduce drawing time.
Multi-tasking capabilities to enhance productivity
Real-time Exhaust Systems
With top, bottom and side exhaust functions
High exhausting performance to avoid pollution
 Dimension  1250(L) x 1050(W) x 1290(H)mm (without PC)
 49.20(L) x 41.30(D) x 50.80(H) inch
 Work area  600 x 500mm (23.62˝ x 19.68˝) (without CCD)
 Z Axis moving  20mm (Auto or Manual)
 Laser Spec.  RF CO2 Laser 60 /100W / Air Cooling
 Wavelength  10.6㎛
 Min Spot Size  Φ = 0.076mm
 Cutting width  0.1 ~ 0.2 mm
 Max Cutting Speed  750mm/sec (29.52 inch/sec)
 Resolutions (DPI)  4064, 2032, 1354, 1016, 812, 677
 Repetition Accuracy  ±0.02mm
 Operating Mode  Vector Cutting and Spot Drilling
 CCD pixel  640 x 480
 Interface  Ethenet, RS232C, USB
 Weight  550kg
 Beam pointer  LD Pointer (Red Beam)
 Dust Collector  > 1HP
 Exhaust  > 3.0m³/ min
 Power  AC110~220V / 50~60Hz / 15~20A
 Air  2kg/㎠
 Control System  Control PC / CCD system
 Size : 1850 x 100 x 1242 (with PC)
 Auto CCD MMI program
 SLC Machine, Control panel
 Exhaust Piping
 Environment Temp.
 Φ100 mm x 2 port (rear side)
 5℃ ~ 35℃, 58℉ ~ 85℉