> PRODUCT > Laser Cutting & Engraving
User-friendly & Versatile
Ease to use as a laser printer
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Compatible with Auto CAD / CorelDraw / Illustrator etc,.
Provide Multi-language
Easy to control & operating
Air assist pump ensures high-quality output
Convenient and Symbolic Hot Keys
Lighting with LED Lamp for effective observation
Auto Focus (Pin-Type)
Effective for high Productivity
Max cutting speed is 1524mm/sec (60 inch/sec)
Speed up for Arc Cutting
Stronger Structure & Higher Precision
Temporary Reference Point
Engineered for Quality
Sealed CO2 laser
Regulatory compliance : CDRH Class I / CE Certification
 Dimension  1150(L) x 802(D) x 1065(H) mm
 45.3(L) x 31.6(D) x 41.9(H) inch
 Work area  700x 500mm (27.56” x 19.69”)
 Max loading size  700(L) x 500(D) x 230(H) mm (4 doors closed)
 27.56(L) x 19.69(D) x 9.06(H) inch
 700(L) x Unlimited(D) x 230(H) mm (front/back door open)
 27.56(L) x Unlimited(D) x 9.06(H) inch
 Unlimited(L) x 500(D) x 230(H) mm (Side doors open)
 Unlimited(L) x 19.69(D) x 9.06(H) inch
 Z Axis moving  230(H)mm
 Laser output  RF CO2 Laser 60W / 100W (Air cooling)
 Wavelength  10.6μm
 Max Cutting Speed  1524 mm/sec (60″/sec)
 Weight  240kg / 260kg
 Interface  USB Port / Ethernet port
 Resolutions (DPI)  1000, 600, 333, 250, 200, 166
 Auto Focusing  standard
 Beam pointer  standard
 USB  standard
 Display Panel  LCD panel
 Memory Bufter  64MB Standard / can save 1~99 job files
 Certification  CDRH Class I, CE CERTIFICATE
 Dust Collector  (option) > 1HP / 6.3m³
 Air  (option) 2kg/㎠
 Rotary Table  (option)
 Work table  (option) enable to exhaust or unable to exhaust
 Power  AC110~220V / 50~60Hz / 10~20Amp
 Exhaust Piping
 Environment Temp.
 Φ4″ x 2 port (rear side)
 5℃ ~ 35℃, 58℉ ~ 85℉